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Use this site to find jobs with Centrepoint Employment Partners as well as the best entry level employment opportunities in your area.  Jobs with Centrepoint Employment Partners are listed as Featured Recruiters. If you choose to apply for a job with a Centrepoint Employment Partner, you are more likely to be selected for interview, so we highly recommend these opportunities! Start your job search here! 

Whichever job you want to apply for, our Jobs, Education & Training  (JET) Team are ready to help you with your CV, application and interview preparation.

Remember, you have skills that are valued in the workplace! Your JET Advisor is here to support you and help you understand your strengths so you can find the right role and articulate your strengths to an employer. If you are struggling to find employment, your JET Advisor can help you access the right training to get a job in your chosen field. Contact the Jobs, Education & Training Team or speak to your JET Advisor or Key Worker in person.

You can start up-skilling yourself right now! Find out how to write a good CV and prepare for an interview in Career Support.

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